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Expand the Melodia potential thanks to exercises based on using the patient’s active motricity of the hand


    During these exercises, the patient is instructed to independently start the motor task (flexion and extension of the fingers): the robotic glove will assist only when necessary.

  • Performance indexes give immediate feedback on the degree of autonomy of the patient in flexion and extension.
  • The data of each session are reported in intuitive graphs and can be exported to pdf/excel files to monitor the patient’s progress.
  • The therapy can be oriented towards functional recovery thanks to exercises that involve interaction with real objects.
  • The software offers a high degree of customization of the exercise: the therapist can set different parameters and vary the level of difficulty.




    The device takes advantage of the sensor glove, which acts as a transformative tool by turning the patient’s hand into a game controller. This innovative feature allows for engaging and interactive games that have been specifically designed to improve grasping and picking movements, enhancing speed, dexterity, and coordination.

    This therapy offers a remarkable option known as Focus, enabling the therapist to actively regulate and choose the specific area of the screen with which they want the patient to engage. This feature is particularly valuable when addressing neglect-related challenges.

    To further assist patients and therapists, intuitive graphs are generated at the end of each exercise. These visual representations provide a comprehensive overview of the recorded progress, facilitating detailed improvement monitoring over successive sessions.



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