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Add a sensor glove to trigger finger mobilization: it can be worn by the therapist or put on the patient’s contralateral hand


    Bilateral Training is a new and unique approach of the Gloreha device: while the hemiplegic/hemiparetic patient actively moves the healthy hand, at the same time, the robotic glove generates a similar movement on the other hand.

    The mirror motor mechanism, the observation of two moving 3D hands, and the execution of bilateral functional tasks with real objects amplify the stimulation of the cortical areas.

  • Like in traditional Mirror Therapy, the patient is stimulated by observing the affected hand moving.
  • In addition, real motor training is generated by the system, amplifying the positive effects of rehabilitation.

    Therapists wear a glove endowed with sensors to dynamically guide the movement of the mobilization glove on the patient’s hand.

  • Timing and amplitude of finger flexion and extension movements are therefore managed by the operator in real-time, allowing the therapy to be constantly customized, depending on the patient’s response and the specific motor task proposed.
  • The controller-follower logic application amplifies the rehabilitation glove potential, synergizing with the relationship of trust and complicity between therapist and patient.



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