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Available also for pediatrice use

The core of Melodia is the rehabilitation glove, which can generate flexion and extension of fingers. Depending on the stage and setting of the treatment, during mobilization, the patient can either watch a 3D simulation of the hand in motion on the screen, designed to stimulate neuroplasticity, or concentrate on his hand and the real objects he is invited to interact with.

MELODIA is an extremely versatile device both for adults and children, applicable to a wide range of patients with neurological and orthopedic deficits that offers:

  • MOBILIZATION HAND THERAPIES: ideal both for starting treatment, even in absence of active movements, and for patients at a more advanced stage to increase their ROM and rehabilitate functional gestures. The rehabilitation glove generates finger flexion-extension even with hypotonia or hypertonia (max MAS=3). The 3D simulation on the screen involves the patient, facilitates his body awareness, and helps him maintain and rebuild the hand cortical representation.
  • AOT (ACTION-OBSERVATION THERAPY): Melodia allows the execution of exercises based on the logic of AOT for the activation of mirror neurons. In this case, the session consists of two steps: first, the patient observes a motor task on the screen; once the visual preview is over, the rehabilitation glove supports the specific motor exercise performance.
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: The aim of every rehabilitation program is to re-educate the patient to use the hand and the whole upper limb during the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Encouraging interaction with real objects is among the main goals of Melodia. Through functional exercises, the movements of the fingers and upper limb are contextualized, suggesting the patient not to think of a movement end in itself, but rather as an action with a final purpose. Functional exercises with gross grasp and pinches (bi-digital and tri-digital) are available. 
  • MOVEMENTS IN ABSENCE OF GRAVITY: Melodia is equipped with two dynamic supports that allow the patient to move the upper limb with no gravity. The compensation level is calibrated according to the weight of the arm and the residual control and movement abilities of the patient.

The silicon gloves are supplied in 6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL), smaller sizes are also fit for pediatric use. The gloves, inspired by the Soft Robotics approach, are lightweight and comfortable; they let the patient actively cooperate with the robot and complete the movements started by the device.

The software offers a wide range of possibilities to customize the therapy. The clinician can adjust:

  • passive ROM for each finger,
  • speed,
  • exercise timing,
  • audio-video effects (songs, vocal guidance, etc.);
  •  all the combinations of finger flexion-extension.

Early and intensive mobilization can prevent dysfunctional reorganization of brain activity, as well as avoid the occurrence of adhesions, contractures, immobilization damages, improve joint metabolism and lymphatic and blood circulation, maintain and increase joint ROM.

The silicone gloves, which are easy to sanitize and available in 6 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL), leave the palm free, to facilitate fitting even in case of spasticity, avoid grasping reflex, limit sweating and facilitate grasping of objects.

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